Virtual and Physical Prototyping System of Surgical Instruments

A prototyping Station has been implemented for the prototype evaluation of robotic surgical instruments.


Master-Slave system for virtual an physical prototyping of surgical instruments

The purpose of this system is to evaluate the performance of different virtual prototypes of surgical instruments using a physical teleoperated system with virtual constraints.

The master station is based on a multi-finger haptic station and the salve site is based on a two-finger robot with three-axis force measurement.

The purpose of this page is to support the submission of publications related to this new method with experimental data, videos and pictures.

Experiments data:

Download the computer-recorded data, in CSV ASCII format, of force and positions of the clinical experiments. Each file is named with the volunteer, prototype and trial numbers. Columns are: Time (milliseconds), Cartesian position of finger 1 (x,y,z), Cartesian Position of Finger 2 (x,y,z) , Force reading at finger 1 sensor(fx,fy,fz), Force reading at finger 2 sensor (fx,fy,fz),  Virtual forces (feedback) of sensors in finger 1 (fx, fy, fz) and  Virtual forces (feedback) of sensors in finger 2 (fx, fy, fz).

1-1-1 1-1-2 1-1-3 1-2-1 1-2-2 1-2-3 1-3-1 1-3-2 1-3-31-4-11-4-21-4-31-5-11-5-21-5-31-6-11-6-21-6-32-1-12-1-22-1-32-2-12-2-22-2-32-3-12-3-22-3-32-4-12-4-22-4-32-5-12-5-22-5-33-1-13-1-23-1-33-2-13-2-23-2-33-3-13-3-23-3-33-4-13-4-23-4-33-5-13-5-23-5-34-1-14-1-24-1-34-2-14-2-24-2-34-3-14-3-24-3-34-4-14-4-24-4-34-5-14-5-24-5-35-1-15-1-25-1-35-2-15-2-25-2-35-3-15-3-25-3-35-4-15-4-25-4-35-5-15-5-25-5-36-1-16-1-26-1-36-2-16-2-26-2-36-3-16-3-26-3-36-4-16-4-26-4-36-5-16-5-26-5-37-1-17-1-27-1-37-2-17-2-27-2-37-3-17-3-27-3-37-4-17-4-27-4-37-4-47-5-17-5-27-5-38-1-18-1-28-1-38-2-18-2-28-2-38-3-18-3-28-3-38-4-18-4-28-4-38-5-18-5-28-5-39-1-19-1-29-1-39-2-19-2-29-2-39-3-19-3-29-3-39-4-19-4-29-4-39-5-19-5-29-5-3





CIMG3084 CIMG3089 CIMG3088 CIMG3087 CIMG3086


CIMG3096 CIMG3094 CIMG3092 CIMG3091 CIMG3090

May the force (and the torque) be with you.

At home with the Lab friends

At home with the Lab friends

Thank-you very much, friends!

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