Presented Master Thesis about 6 dof’s Educational Manipulator

Last December, the 10th (2014), José María presented his Master Thesis about an educational 6 Dof’s manipulator programmable under Simulink.

Educational Manipulator Programmable under Simulink

Educational Manipulator Programmable under Simulink

The arm has been designed to be used on the PIERO platform, and built usin Dynamixel servos controlled by and Arduino Mega.

Good work.


Presented Master Thesis on Navigation for Social Mobile Robots

On July, the 15th, 2014, Antonio Martín presented its Master Thesis about Navigation for Social Mobile Robots.


He developed a ROS based platform that uses a RGBD sensor for people detection. Some sonars were added for local obstacle avoidance.

ROS based mobile platform developed

ROS based mobile platform developed

The original report “Robot móvil con comportamientos sociales” can be downloaded.

Thanks, Antonio!


Presented Master Thesis about Educational Mobile Robots

On July, the 15th, 2014, J. Gil Lozano presented its Master Thesis about Educational Mobile Robots programmable under Matlab/Simulink. The original title is “Sistema didáctico para programación de robots móviles en Matlab/Simulink”.


The student participated in the development of the PIERO mobile platform for teaching robotics and mechatronics. He worked with the version 1.0 of the platform and developed lab-work using both the Arduino and the Raspberry PI computing boards.

More details are going to be published at the annual conference of the spanish society of automation.

The report (Project Report) is available, although was written in spanish.

Thanks, Juan!

Presented a Master Thesis about remote environment modelling for off-line robot programming

The student J.C. Camacho presented a work called “3D MODEL DRIVEN DISTANT ASSEMBLY” about remote environment modelling for off-line programming, using computer vision.

He uses structured light and robot parallax to build geometrical models of the objects found. These models are later used to build automatic assembly plans.

Virtual pillars and camera motion are used for  model building.

Virtual pillars and camera motion are used for model building.

This work was developed at the Wise-ShopFloor research group from the Skövde University, wher he worked with J. Cana Quijada, under the tutoring of Abdullah Mohammed.

A remote programming interface was also developped

A remote programming interface was also developped

The project report (3D model driven distant assembly) was written in english and includes an abstract in spanish.


Wall-E Animatronic Robot at a Comic Conference

Last weekend Wall-e showed its last capabilities:

– Head-Arm Gesture control.

– Locomotion control.

– Central controller Wireless communication (raspberry pi based).

– LoL (Lots of LiPo’s)

Esteban and Felix had a very hard work to get all this working together.

People enjoyed watching this expressive character.

Among other things to be done are:

– Minor surgery on its left arm.

– A little brain able to link all its sensors with the locomotion and gesture system.

I’m using this platform as a valuable tool for student Master Thesis. They learn a lot and have a good time. So students are wanted to complete the robot.

… and BTW, If you are in the area and interested on a Show. Let us know!



Presented Master Thesis about a 3D Printer Color Extruder

Today, Víctor Andueza just presented its Master Thesis for the spanish Industrial Engineering title. He did a great presentation (Soon available in spanish) about a big work developed in the laboratories of the department of Systems Engineering and Automation of the University of Málaga.Vanduezaproject

He designed and built a multifilament ABS color extruder for 3D printing, capable of generating virtually any color based on three primary colors plus black and white. That’s a multidisciplinary work, where analysis, design, implementation and experiments have been done by the student.

Thanks to the tribunal too. They were interested in many aspects and maintained an interesting debate. Victor obtained the maximum qualification. Congratulations.

This work couldn’t have been possible, again without the collaboration of UNO Engineering. Thanks, Alejandro.

More details about this project are going to be published in this blog soon.


Stay tuned

Presented Master Thesis about Fuzzy Control of Blood Glucose Level



Thanks to David Castro Chica who developed and presented its Project in December 2013.



A simulation model has been developed in matlab and two fuzzy glucose level controllers have been implemented and tested.

These controllers can be implemented on a portable insuline pump.

He achieved the maximum qualification too.

Presented Master Thesis about Facial Expressions on Animatronic Robot

Daniel Casale presented it Master Thesis project last December 2013, with the maximum qualification.


Thanks to the good job of Daniel, the robot’s head is finally moving, and making recognizable expressions despite the lack of “mouth”.

He also made a survey at the School of Engineering of the Universidad de Málaga, in order to measure the accuracy of the set of facial expressions.


The rest of the animatronic platform was started years ago and documented in the amateur spanish blog:

Some other projects are to be developed on this platform. Interested students, please contact me.

Thanks again, Daniel.

Oferta de Proyecto Fin de Carrera. Robot 4+2 patas teleoperado para recuperación de objetos

El objetivo de este proyecto es el del diseño y la construcción de un robot con patas teleoperado, capaz de usar las patas delanteras como pinza para la recuperación de objetos de pequeño y medio tamaño (hasta 2 Kg).

Se utilizará la plataforma Bioloid para la construcción de robots y un sistema de comunicaciones para la transmisión de imágenes e información desde un a estación de teleoperación.