Building Zowi, the Open Source Robot

This was a very nice week-end project: building the BQ’s Zowi Open Source Robot.

You just need a 3D printer, 4 standard servos, an Arduino and cables.

Zowi Open Source Robot

Zowi Open Source Robot

I found the source at

After the build I found some suggestions:

What a mess!

What a mess!

Hardware: Not all the servos come with the hub size used in the design.

Software: You have to manage to find the ocillator library and correct some misspellings.


  • The BQ arduino version is very cool but is not easy to find. You can use your standard arduino uno making a bigger hole on the head shell.
  • An extra hole for the switch is important too.
  • The hardest part is to fit the head shell with all the cables. A redesign with the arduino fixed toi the chasis instead of the shell could help

Many thanks to the BQ team!


8 thoughts on “Building Zowi, the Open Source Robot

  1. Good evening. You could provide programming?
    I am a teacher in Brazil and would help me a lot.
    I thank you .

  2. I dind´t find the code for zowi with arduino in the link did you provide, can you help us to find the code?

  3. Hello,
    the BQ ZUM + shipping fees is very expensive (36,5+20 euros).
    I have a look on the possibility of using a standard arduino UNO with a bluetooth shield but what about the power needed ? Is the arduino current possibility OK with the need of the servos?


  4. Yes. It is possible. I used an standard arduino UNO, however you’ll need some way to connect the servos in a compact way. Try to find an arduino board with servo connectors. Else it can be a nightmare.

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