Presented Master Thesis about a 3D Printer Color Extruder

Today, Víctor Andueza just presented its Master Thesis for the spanish Industrial Engineering title. He did a great presentation (Soon available in spanish) about a big work developed in the laboratories of the department of Systems Engineering and Automation of the University of Málaga.Vanduezaproject

He designed and built a multifilament ABS color extruder for 3D printing, capable of generating virtually any color based on three primary colors plus black and white. That’s a multidisciplinary work, where analysis, design, implementation and experiments have been done by the student.

Thanks to the tribunal too. They were interested in many aspects and maintained an interesting debate. Victor obtained the maximum qualification. Congratulations.

This work couldn’t have been possible, again without the collaboration of UNO Engineering. Thanks, Alejandro.

More details about this project are going to be published in this blog soon.


Stay tuned

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